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What you missed at the AGA Las Vegas Conference

See write-up by Rob Bates in JCK Online...

This important conference on the state of today’s lab-grown diamond industry—and what the future holds—included leading experts revealing NEW information and sharing valuable insights.

As increased production of lab-grown diamonds continues, so do questions—about the products themselves as well as their impact. Everyone is affected, from dealers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and appraisers. Consumers also have questions and, unfortunately, many in the trade still don’t know how to answer them.

The availability of lab-grown diamonds to the public through retail jewelers, internet sites, and in the secondary market, has raised many questions, and many viewpoints are surfacing. There are also rising concerns about inadvertently buying and selling lab-grown diamonds as "natural" diamonds, especially in small sizes set in multi-stone and pave-set jewelry.

"Now is the time to pay attention to this growing market," says AGA president Stuart Robertson. Having tracked CVD production for about 10 years, and now watching the increasing role of China in the lab-grown sector, Robertson believes the world will see dramatic growth from China in CVD, along with expanding availability of HPHT-grown diamonds.

To address questions and issues in this rapidly evolving market, speakers at the AGA conference included Dr. James Shigley of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA); Tom Chatham, President, Chatham Created Gems; Dusan Simic, President of Analytical Gemology and Jewelry Laboratory (AG&JL); and Ronnie VanderLinden, President of the Diamond Manufacturer’s and Importers Association (DMIA) and Diamex, Inc.

Dr. James Shigley provided information on identification techniques for lab-created diamonds, and Dusan Simic presented news on affordable options now available for identifying mounted as well loose diamonds, including melee sizes. Tom Chatham, a respected grower, gave a producer’s insights into current and projected production estimates, while diamond dealer Ronnie VanderLinden shared his thoughts on why he, a well known natural diamond dealer, decided to sell lab-grown diamonds as well as natural. In addition, the Q&A session allowed attendees to play a more interactive role in creating an in-depth discussion and understanding of the market and where it is headed.

A hands-on session provided a rare opportunity to see and examine a variety of lab-grown diamonds – both HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition.)

Distinguished Speakers included —

The conference was held on May 29, 2014 at the Platinum Hotel, Las Vegas.

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