3 Easy Steps!

AGA Research Grant Process

AGA Gemological Research Grant applications are accepted from January 1st through June 15th. Research grants are need and merit-based. See application form for additional details and exclusions.

  1. Submit Application

    Complete the application form, including contact information for professional references. Submit your application.

  2. Interview and Application Review

    Your application and your professional references will be reviewed by the AGA Educational Scholarship and Research Grant Committee (ESRGC). You will receive an email communication from AGA regarding the award or a request for additional documentation or a virtual interview.

  3. Research Grant Award

    Selection of the scholarship recipient is based on a vote of the AGA Board of Governors from the slate of applications submitted by the ESRGC whose decisions will be final. AGA Gemological Research Grant recipients receive a letter of congratulations with instructions for the next steps. 

Research Grant Application

Please contact us or call us at exec.admin@accreditedgemologists.org or 626-949-8486 with any questions. Additionally, if you prefer to mail your form, you can download a pdf version here.

Frequently asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the AGA Gemological Research Grant. If you have further questions, please contact us.

  • The proposed research subject must be in or directly related to gemology.
  • Applicants should have a degree in science and/or extensive experience in a related gemological field and present proof of their qualifications.
  • Applicants must have established a relationship with a gem research laboratory or a scientific institute to accomplish the proposed project. A detailed acceptance letter for the project and the potential outcome of the research from the institute or laboratory must be submitted with the grant application.
  • Applicants must provide a detailed project plan, estimated timing, detailed budgeting, and potential publication of the results.
  • Applicants must provide three reference letters from research professionals, preferably in the field of gemology.
  • Applicants are required to demonstrate English proficiency.

The project must be finished one year from the transfer of funds. However, the committee will consider a reasonable extension for unexpected circumstances. Quarterly progress reports to the ESRGC (Educational Scholarship and Research Grant Committee) are required.

AGA Gemological Research Grants are open to gemological research projects worldwide. The AGA Gemological Research Grant application and all communication are required to be in English. Results of the research project must be presented to the AGA membership in English.

AGA Gemological Research Grant funds cover test specimens, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the research.

ESRGC (Educational Scholarship and Research Grant Committee) requires quarterly progress reports and completion of the research project in one year.

The results of an AGA-funded research project are required to be delivered to AGA Membership through a virtual or live presentation and a published paper.

AGA Gemological Research Grants do not cover travel, hotel, wire transfer fees, or other expenses associated with the research project for which the Grant was awarded.

Applications for AGA Gemological Research Grants are accepted from January 01 through June 15.

AGA Gemological Research Grants are funded by membership dues, sponsorships, and generous donations.

All AGA Gemological Research Grant applications are reviewed and vetted by the ESRGC (Educational Scholarship and Research Grant Committee). Evaluation criteria include the importance of the proposed scientific gemological research, strength of methodology, relevant research, and experience of the applicant. Following interviews with the finalists, ESRGC recommends a recipient to the AGA Board of Governors for a final vote.