Ground-breaking Gemological Conferences

Where gemologists from around the globe gather to share discoveries, discuss theories, and forge lifelong relationships.

  • Diamond galaxy background, depicting diamonds scattered like stars in the cosmos.

    AGA Virtual Conference 2024 – Diamonds from All Angles

    $75 - $95

    This virtual conference focuses on diamonds and features a diverse line-up of industry professionals sharing their knowledge and perspectives from different angles of the gemological diamond field.

  • Sunset in Tuscon, Arizona overlooking the city lights.

    Tucson Conference and Gala 2024 celebrating AGA’s 50th Anniversary

    $125 - $350

    Join us in commemorating a sparkling milestone as AGA proudly celebrates its 50th Anniversary at the much-anticipated 2024 Tucson Gemological Conference and Gala in Tucson, Arizona

  • Desert sunset in Tucson, Arizona.

    Tucson Conference & Gala 2023

    We are excited to bring our global community together again for a day of education and celebration at the 2023 AGA Tucson Conference and Gala.

  • An aerial view of the Las Vegas strip at night.

    AGA Las Vegas Conference

Awesome Webinars

From rare gems and new finds to treatments, technology, and gem lore, experts in the field share their knowledge to keep you at the top of your gemological game.

  • Darryl Pitt headshot.

    Why Meteorites Should Matter, Presented by Darryl Pitt


    This webinar will take you beyond earthly gems. Pitt will educate attendees on the classification of meteorites and provide an overview of the history of the meteorite collector’s market. He will discuss jewelry applications for meteorites, as well as the ongoing demand and successful sales of them in the auction world. In addition, our expert will share tips on what to look out for and what to avoid as a buyer.

  • Sona Tajiryan headshot.

    Continuity and Disruption? The Evolution of the Global Trade in Natural Pearls presented by Sona Tajiryan, Ph.D.


    Embark on a fascinating journey through the annals of natural pearl trade history. Dr. Tajiryan, drawing parallels with the current world of high-end pearl trade, unravels the allure of natural pearls spanning thousands of years. From the Persian Gulf to the Pacific waters, discover the impact of historical disruptions and the enduring appreciation for these luminous treasures.

  • Clare Blatherwick headshot.

    Fit for A King By Clare Blatherwick


    The world witnessed history being made on May 6th, 2023 when King Charles III was crowned in London. In this presentation, Clare Blatherwick looks at the Coronation Regalia used on that day (as well as some of the jewels left out of the ceremony – and the reasons why), focusing on the symbolism of the pieces as well as their history and design.

  • Joshua Israileff headshot.

    All You Need To Know About Saltwater Pearls By Joshua Israileff


    Joshua Israileff delivers a captivating presentation focused on the formation and cultivation of saltwater pearls. As a second-generation co-owner of ASBA USA, Inc, a pearl wholesale company with over 40 years of experience selling Tahitian, South Sea, and Japanese Akoya pearls, Joshua has witnessed tremendous growth and change in pearl farming and the industry, including pollution and warming temperatures in the waters that are home to the pearl beds. 

  • Alex Leung headshot.

    Amber From Myanmar, “Burmite” by Alex Leung, FGC, GIA GG


    The estimated 98 million-year-old Burmese amber is a time capsule of the Cretaceous period, preserving many organisms now believed to be extinct. Burmite is important to the scientific communities and is also highly sought after by collectors drawn to its diverse inclusions and array of colors. 

  • Derek Katzenbach headshot.

    Behind Tomorrow’s Heirlooms by Derek Katzenbach


    Pull back the curtain, and peek into the world of a highly skilled craftsman as he creates tomorrow’s heirlooms. Derek Katzenberg shares his experience in custom jewelry design, from faceting manufacturing with an emphasis on ethical sourcing, and American-mined gemstones.

  • Aaron Palke headshot

    History, Legend, and Lore of Sapphires from Yogo Gulch, Montana by Dr. Aaron Palke


    Discover the history, legend, and lore of one of North America’s most important gem deposits, the Yogo Sapphire Mine in central Montana. Learn to distinguish highly sought-after Yogo sapphires from other similar sapphires based on their chemical and gemological properties.

  • Kelly Ross headshot.

    Crime and Crime Prevention – The New Normal in the Gem and Jewelry World by Kelly Ross


    From store losses to frauds and online attacks, the spectrum of criminal activities is broad, and the impact far-reaching. Former police officer Kelly Ross examines various loss types, investigational challenges and discusses risk mitigation and preventative measures that jewelers can employ.

  • sapphire intersection

    This is AGA


    Learn who we are and how AGA can benefit your gemological career.

  • John Bradshaw headshot.

    Rare Gemstones – The Other 175 by John Bradshaw


    Of the 5500 described mineral species, approximately 200 have been faceted. Only about 25 of those are used for jewelry purposes.  What about the other 175?  John covers some of the rarer gemstones in the jewelry market.

Celebrity Gemologist Interviews

Get up close and personal with giants in the gemological community. Discover what inspires and drives them and hear their vision for the future of gemology.

  • Joel Arem headshot.

    Celebrity Interview: Joel Arem


    AGA is honored to listen in as Joel Arem, PhD, author, speaker, gemologist & mineralogist, and AGA Founding member, is interviewed by his friend and colleague, Robert Weldon, former Director of the GIA Library, author, award-winning photographer, and recipient of the 2020 AGA Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology.

  • Dr. James Shigley headshot.

    Celebrity Interview: Jim Shigley


    Explore the world of gemstone identification, mineral formation, and the intricate characterization of gem materials in this exclusive conversation with Dr. Jim Shigley, GIA’s Distinguished Research Fellow, and 2008 AGA Bonanno Award Recipient, interviewed by Dona Dirlam, former GIA Library Director, and AGA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.

  • John Koivula headshot.

    Celebrity Interview: John Koivula


    Join in a conversation between friends and colleagues as Richard Hughes interviews the legendary microscopist, author, and photographer John Koivula. John was honored with the AGA Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology in 2002.

  • Antoinette Maitlins headshot.

    Celebrity Interview: Antoinette Bonanno Matlins


    A lightning rod in the gemology world for decades, AGA Bonanno Award recipient Antoinette Bonanno Matlins reflects on her life as an author, educator, and lecturer, dedicating her gemological career to promoting and upholding the highest ethics in the gem and jewelry industry. 

Career Forums

Learn what you can do with your gemology through insight and advice from gemologists with thriving careers in diverse facets of gemology.

  • Headshots of presenters: Rita-Livia Erikson, Adam Parker, and Derek Katzenbach.

    What Can You Do With Your Gemology? Jewelry, Art, And Gemology


    You are a qualified gemologist with a passion for gemstones, jewelry, and lapidary. Can your passion turn you into a multifaceted artist and a unique businessperson? AGA explored the possibilities and found the right people to ask this very question for you. Join us in our next “What Can You Do With Your Gemology” career forum to meet these passionate young artists, listen to their stories, and learn from them.

  • Headshots of presenters: Eric Braunwart, Dr. Laurent Cartier, and Patricia Inonge Mweene.

    What can you do with your gemology? Responsible Gem & Jewelry Trade


    Uncover the dynamics of the Responsible Gem and Jewelry Trade and explore gemological career options as our panelists share their boots on the ground experience in this critical and developing facet of the gem and jewelry industry. 

  • Headshots of panelists: Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez, Dorothy Asher, and McKenzie Santimer.

    What Can You Do With Your Gemology? Gemology in Museums


    Our panel of esteemed Museum Directors, Curators, and Researchers pull back the curtain on curating exhibitions that engage and inspire visitors and students through gemology and jewelry arts lenses. 

  • Headshots of presenters: Orasa Weldon, Danny Sanchez, and Jeff Mason.

    What Can You Do With Your Gemology? Jewelry and Gem Photography


    Widely respected for their ability to capture the beauty of fine gemstones and jewelry in their photographs, our gemologist panelists share their experience in the art of gemstone and jewelry photography.

  • Heashots of panetlists: Robert Weldon, Gary Roskin, and Brendan Laurs.

    What Can You Do With Your Gemology? Careers in Gemological Publication


    This AGA Career Forum features a panel of gemologists who are giants in the world of gemological publications. Learn more about the field and their passion for writing about gems and jewelry.

  • Headshots of presenters: E. Billie Hughes, Sarah Caldwell Steele, and Wim Vertriest.

    What Can You Do With Your Gemology? Research Gemologists


    Through travel to exotic gem locations and detailed analysis in the laboratory, the gemological researchers on our panel strive to uncover the secrets hidden in gems. Find out more about what it takes to be a research gemologist.

  • Headshots of panelists: Adrian Smith, Stuart Robertson, Jill Burgum, and Jill Burgum.

    What Can You Do With Your Gemology?


    The options for careers in gemology are limited only by your imagination. Our panelists are all highly successful gemologists performing various essential jobs within the gemological community. Join in and explore where your gemology may take you.

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