February 1, 2023

Tucson Conference & Gala 2023

We are excited to bring our global community together again for a day of education and celebration at the 2023 AGA Tucson Conference and Gala.

Desert sunset in Tucson, Arizona.

Illuminating the industry

2023 Conference Speakers

Explore the world of gemology with the brightest minds. Meet the inspiring speakers who captivated audiences at the AGA 2023 Tucson Conference.
Meg Berry

Hidden Treasures: Finding the Jewel in Gem Rough

Meg Berry headshot.
Mark Cullinan

Cullinan Diamonds - Stories of the Past, Present, and Future

Mark Cullinan headshot.
Alan Hodgkinson

Live Stream interview with Alan Hodgkinson

Alan Hodgkinson headshot.
Robert Weldon

Digital Photography of Gemstones and Jewelry

Robert Weldon headshot.
Gary Roskin

New Directions for the International Gem Trade Show Business

Gary Roskin headshot.
Dr. Clemens Schwarzinger

Tanzanite and Fancy Zoisites - Color, Chemistry and Cutting

Sarah Caldwell Steele

Hands on Workshop: Back to Black

Sarah Caldwell Steele headshot.
Richard Hughes

Hands on Workshop: Jade Identification

Richard Hughes headshot.
Kerry Gregory

Hands on Workshop: Treasure from Trash

Kerry Gregory headshot.