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AGA — Supporting Education, Research, and Integrity in the Gemological Community

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In 1974, Antonio C. Bonanno, the Founder of the AGA, was concerned about the absence of continuing education available to practicing gemologists. He understood that the only thing constant about the gemological field was "change" and nothing was being done to make gemologists aware of what was changing. At that time, it was incumbent upon the gemologist to seek out up-to-date gemological information after graduation. Bonanno believed it was essential to provide a way for gemologists to keep current, a way to enable them to see and examine new materials entering the marketplace – new gemstones, treatments, synthetics, and imitations – because he understood that this was the only way to safeguard the future.

Thus, the AGA was born. It has grown dramatically over the years. Today AGA is the only international, independent gemological organization dedicated to continuing education pertaining to gemological discoveries and issues, professional standards, and to maintaining integrity in the field.

AGA is perhaps best known for its annual conferences in Tucson and Las Vegas, focusing on presentation of the latest in gemological research findings, new gemstone discoveries, cutting edge technologies, and gemological issues. Through these conferences AGA is able to share this information with the largest possible audience by bringing together gemologists, retailers and the trade media. Equally important, the conferences provide a forum connecting multiple voices in the gem and jewelry network leading to positive and constructive action.

In the late 1970's and 80's, AGA was the first to address the issue of gemstone telemarketing fraud. AGA launched a public relations campaign, while AGA members penned articles and served as experts for TV and radio shows. AGA worked closely with US Attorney's office resulting in the prevention of thousands of people falling victim to the scams. In the late 80's and early 90's, AGA was the first to embark on a massive program to alert the public and retailers about the proliferation of fracture-filled diamonds. And most recently, AGA's work in detecting lead-glass ruby imitations together with the launching of a major educational effort alerting the trade and the public has resulted in changes to the FTC's guide for the jewelry industry, making it a violation of fair trade practices to sell them as genuine rubies.

Now, AGA is taking two new innovative steps to maintain its vision and future goals through creation of:

  1. AGA Gemological Scholarship program to encourage continuing education in the gemological field
  2. AGA Gemological Research Grant program to inspire independent gemological research

We could use your help with these important programs. We hope that when planning your estate, you will consider making a donation to AGA or providing for a "named" scholarship or research gift. What more sparkling way for your legacy to live on than to provide for continuing study and research in the gemological field. Your gift may take many forms: cash, gemstones, books, gemological equipment, as well as gifts of time and expertise!

AGA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit professional organization. Your donation may be tax deductible. Check with your tax professional.

Please contact Teri Brossmer for more information - 626-335-6002


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