Dr. Peter Lyckberg

Peter Lyckberg is a Swedish life long mineral researcher. He travels to study the geology, mineralogy of gem and ore deposits in situ. His interest started as a toddler finding muscovite, quartz and red kalifeldspar among the grey granite gravel on his grandparents walkway. He studied civil engineering and geology at Chalmers University of Technology.

He is well known for his expertise of mineral deposits including gem pegmatite fields in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Russia , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Namibia, Brazil, California, Maine and also many ore and industrial deposits. He is a well known speaker at professional conferences. He has published around 60 articles and chapters of books on geology, mineralogy and gemmology. Peter has been on the editorial board for several mineralogical journals since 1985.

Peter is an independent researcher and scientific collaborator with the Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg. For the past 23 years he work as a nuclear inspector for the European Commission in Luxembourg.