Dror Yehuda

Dror is a third generation diamantaire.

Dror's father, Mr. Zvi Yehuda is a world famous scientist who introduced numerous revolutionized inventions into the diamond and jeweler industry. Among his more well-known inventions and breakthroughs we can count: Laser drilling, the rough diamond colorimeter, The Yehuda Clarity Enhancement process and now at the age of 82 – The Sherlock Holmes detector for Lab Grown Diamonds.

After serving as an officer in the Israeli defense forces Dror graduated Tel Aviv University with a B.Sc. in Physics and computer Science.

In 1988 Dror moved to New York and established The Yehuda Diamond Company. The company introduced the Yehuda Clarity Enhanced Diamonds to the US market. Dror traveled across the US giving presentations explaining the process in order to ease the fear from his dad's invention. Within short period of time the Yehuda Clarity Enhanced Diamond process became an acceptable part of the jewelry industry.

Dror spent the last 30 years between Israel and the US running The Yehuda Diamond Company and keeping up with new technological advances. In 2003 - Embracing the Internet era The Yehuda revolutionized website offered a unique way of offering Clarity Enhanced diamonds online but selling them via the jewelry stores.

Since 2015 Yehuda Diamond Company is also in the forefront of the Lab Grown Diamond business.
Dror is proud to be the project manager of his dad's newest invention- The Sherlock Holmes.
It was recently checked by UL laboratories as part of project ASSURE and determined to detect 100% of the Lab Grown Diamonds tested.


Las Vegas Conference - Friday, May 31, 2019

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