Tom Chatham

Tom Chatham entered the gem business in 1965 working for Chatham Research Labs and crystal growing legend, his father, Carroll Chatham. Working under the direction of his father, Tom was involved in the first Flux ruby production followed by many sapphire colors and a flux grown alexandrite. Carroll Chatham's original dream was making diamond but never achieved. Following his father's demise in 1983, Tom set out to do what his father did not, gem quality diamond made by man to the jewelry trade.

In 1993, Chatham Created Gems announced their introduction of Created Diamonds from a joint venture in Siberia. That was then expanded to Kiev where white stones were achieved and introduced at the 1996 JCK Show.

In 2001, Tom Chatham introduced his created diamonds in pink, yellow and blue. Today, Chatham Created Gems & Diamonds, under the direction of Tom Chatham, remains one of the leading producers of created gemstones worldwide.

2012 Tucson Conference

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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