Thomas Hainschwang

Thomas Hainschwang, Director of GGTL Laboratories, located in the European principality of Liechtenstein and Geneva, Switzerland, founded Gemlab (Liechtenstein) in 1996. Today Gemlab (Liechtenstein) is part of GGTL Laboratories, a joint venture consisting of the Liechtenstein based laboratory and Franck Notari's GemTechLab in Geneva. Thomas's dedicated approach to research has earned him, and his independent gemological laboratory, recognition for high scientific and ethical standards. GGTL Laboratories is equipped with the latest advanced testing instruments, many of which were designed and built by Thomas.

In 2005, The GIA invited Thomas to join its staff as a research gemologist in the colored diamond department of GIA’s Geneva office. Thomas continued in that position until the closure of the Geneva office in early 2007 when he decided to re-launch Gemlab (Liechtenstein) where he could direct his efforts to broader gemological research.

In 2009, Thomas was the first to detect and alert the trade to the practice of using natural pinna pearls and others as nuclei in the production of large south sea pearls fraudulently being sold as rare, natural pearls. One of his current areas of research concerns the increasing number of synthetic melee diamonds being sold into the market as natural fancy colors.

Thomas is no stranger to AGA. He has presented several talks at the AGA annual Tucson conferences. The most recent of these were: The Identification of Natural Pearls—The New Cultured Pearl Problem; Advanced Instrumentation in Gemology­its Uses, Advantages and Risk; Classification of Brown Diamonds and HPHT Treatment of the Proposed Classes; and CVD Synthetic Diamonds, Identification with Advanced Gemological techniques.

Thomas has made numerous contributions to gemological literature, publishing more than 90 articles in various periodicals including: Gems and Gemology, Journal of Superhard Materials, Diamond and Related Materials and the Journal of Physics. Thomas is also a frequent speaker at gemological and diamond related conferences.

Currently Thomas is conducting research for his PhD in Type Ib diamonds under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch at Nantes University in France. Thomas explains that he chose this research topic since diamond has always been his passion. The Type Ib material is particularly interesting to him since there is virtually no prior published research for natural type Ib diamonds.

2012 Tucson Conference

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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