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2022 AGA Virtual Tucson Conference was held
February 15-16, 2022

Please contact us regarding the purchase of the recordings.

Press Release

The Conference brought our global community together for 2 half-days of prime gemological education.

Day 1 - February 15
8:30 am - 11:35 am PST (GMT-8)

Brad Wilson, FCGmA

Colourful Treasures from Canada

Canada has a history of coloured gemstone production that spans 4 centuries. Yet, for most of its history, Canada has been regarded as a nation devoid of coloured gemstones. Nothing could be farther from the truth. From amethyst to zircon, and emerald to sapphire, Canada has it all – and more. Recent discoveries of sapphire and emerald in the North, amethyst in the East and peridot, topaz and aquamarine in the West point to the vast gemstone potential Canada holds. This presentation illustratee the gemstones and geology of these “Colourful Treasures from Canada”.

Al Gilbertson, GIA GG

Introduction to Jewelry Forensics

We have a passion for gemology and understanding how to detect every nuance of a treated gem so that we can evaluate a piece of jewelry correctly. We have a systematic process to correctly evaluate the gem in question. What is your process for evaluation of the metalwork holding that gem? Is the process comprehensive and systematic? Many know only certain aspects of manufacturing and can only recognize a narrow range of certain specific make traces. This fast-paced talk provided a framework to guide you in identifying the scope of where you need to gain more knowledge. Many jewelry professionals are only exposed to certain aspects of manufacturing and just discern those related specific make traces. For example, you may recognize a die-struck jewelry finding such as a six-prong head, but you may not perceive when someone makes a mold of that finding and recasts it to make a piece of jewelry. Can you recognize and describe that the head is cast, duplicating the appearance of a die-struck item? Do you understand why that matters?

We were exposed to “jewelry forensics” basics through this talk, including identifying hand-fabricated components, cast components, CAD/CAM manufactured components and cast-in-place gemstones. A handout accompanied the talk.

Nicholle Mogavero, GIA GG

Easy Ways to Spot Revivals and Reproductions in the 20th Century

The 20th century was rife with Revivals and Reproductions of earlier styles including Art Deco, Victorian and Georgian. How do you not get fooled by them? This presentation gave us the practical skills and step by step know-how to spot Revivals and Reproductions.

Day 2, February 16
8:30 am - 11:30 am PST (GMT-8)

E. Billie Hughes, FGA

Journey to the Center of the Gem

Inside each gemstone lies a hidden world that has been encapsulated for millions of years. We joined Billie Hughes for a journey into the inner world of gems, as seen through the microscope. We reviewed the use of gemological microscopy to observe and record inclusions. Billie discussed the most suitable lighting conditions for a variety of scenarios and shared microscopy tips. She also provided an overview of Lotus Gemology’s Hyperion inclusion database. She displayed memorable and educational inclusion images.

Dr. Thomas Hainschwang

The Ethical and Ecological Issues of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds, Facts and Fiction

The technology to produce, and the market for, lab-grown diamonds has improved exponentially over the past 10 years. Lab-grown diamonds are often touted as ecologically friendly and more ethical than natural diamonds, but are they? Dr. Hainschwang discussed the published results of recent scientific studies comparing the ecological and ethical impact of natural and laboratory grown diamonds on the market and the world.

Kerry Gregory, FGA, DGA, GIA GG

Chasing Rainbows – Light at the End of Your Spectroscope

Kerry Gregory provided us with a practical run down on common problems encountered when using the hand-held spectroscope. She included hints and tips to get better quality spectra, and become more confident in using this valuable tool.

Please contact us regarding the purchase of the recordings.


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