Dr. Thomas Hainschwang

Dr. Thomas Hainschwang is Director and co-founder of GGTL Laboratories (GGTL Laboratories Liechtenstein, formerly Gemlab Liechtenstein, founded in 1996). Dr. Hainschwang has been working on the analysis of diamonds, colored stones and pearls for the past 25 years, and is a respected expert in the field of gemological research, with extensive experience in the complex topic of colored diamond.

Besides his expertise as a multidisciplinary gemmologist with specialization in diamond research and testing, Dr. Hainschwang has developed and built many analytical instruments for gem and pearl testing in the past years, including the Photoluminator Raman/photoluminescence spectroscopy system, the GGTL DC-3 UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy system, the DFI Deep UV Laser+ fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy system, and the D-Tect fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy system. These analytical systems have been sold and installed worldwide and can be found in laboratories and at diamond manufacturers around the globe today. Many of these instruments have been developed to enable the laboratory to efficiently analyze melee-sized gemstones, which is another specialty field of Dr. Hainschwang.

He has published over 165 articles and book chapters on various gem related topics and has presented these topics in more than 115 conferences around the world. He received the prestigious Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology in 2015 and the Gemological Excellence Award of the Swiss Gemological Society in 2017, both Awards that recognize those who have made significant contributions to the gemological field.

Dr. Hainschwang holds a PhD in Physics (materials science) from the University of Nantes,
France, that he obtained in May 2014 with his dissertation “Type Ib diamonds: Correlations
between the physical and gemological properties of diamonds containing isolated