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Detecting Heat Treatment Levels in Corundum - Shane McClure (bio)

We learned how low-temperature treatments are now being detected and what to look for at each temperature range for corundum. Mozambique rubies and basaltic blue sapphires are among those revisited with this new information.

Current Diamond Research - Thomas Hainschwang (bio)

We heard about current results from a major diamond research project, funded in part by an AGA research grant and learned of the cause of color determination, pre and post-treatment observations and cataloging properties of some of the world's important diamonds.

Synthetic Diamond Detection - Dror Yehuda (bio)

Synthetic diamond detection challenges are increasing. We learned about the development of the Sherlock Holmes Detector, a tabletop machine that quickly reveals HTHP and CVD synthetics. Hands-on opportunities with "SHERLOCK"! Mr. Yehuda provided an update on the state of clarity-enhanced diamonds and their pricing.


Hands on Diamond Detection

Testing of natural, synthetic and treated diamonds with these vendors


*This is the 1st conference in the USA to see this new product.

The conference was held on Friday afternoon, May 31, 2019 at the Westin Las Vegas Hotel.

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