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2018 AGA Las Vegas Conference

Demystify Synthetic Diamonds

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Synthetic diamonds – their detection and future was the topic of the half-day day conference on Friday, June 1 at the Westin Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Identifying melee is the major concern confronting us," stated AGA President Stuart Robertson. "With more synthetics slipping into finished jewelry, how we address the situation is paramount if we wish to maintain public trust and transparency."

Dr. Wuyi Wang

Spotlight on Dr. Wuyi Wang (bio)

We learned what distinguishes lab-grown diamonds from natural mined and how to be more confident in your own observations. With significant research in the field for GIA, Dr. Wang explained diamond types and shared discoveries from his ongoing research with growth technologies. He also discussed equipment used and marketed by GIA and reviewed the current status of synthetic gem diamonds.

Jon Phillips

Spotlight on Jon Phillips (bio)

With a career in diamond production, Jon provides a mine-to-market perspective as he reviewed personally tested devices, providing insight to the challenges producers face and the protocols in place to insure consumer confidence. We learned what questions to ask manufacturers to see if their equipment will work for you.

Martin Rapaport

Spotlight on Martin Rapaport (bio)

Everything you wanted to know about synthetic diamonds, but were afraid to ask - from a guy willing to give his opinion.

Are synthetic diamonds a substitute for natural diamonds and if not, why not? Are synthetic diamonds a good store of value? How important is high value as a component of diamond demand? Do women want inexpensive engagement rings? How sustainable is synthetic demand? Will synthetic diamonds hurt or help natural diamond demand?


Dr. Thomas Hainschwang

Spotlight on Dr. Thomas Hainschwang (bio)

Dr. Hainschwang addressed instrumentation for synthetic diamond testing and screening using various analytical techniques, including high-end photoluminescence equipment he has developed for major users such as the American Gem Society Laboratories. Through a massive research project, funded in part by AGA, Dr. Hainschwang added insight to the processes and detection of synthetics and treatments.

Alberto Scarani

Spotlight on Alberto Scarani (bio)

Fluorescence Spectroscopy – A new method of diamond screening and gem analysis, was the focus of Scarani's discussion highlighting tabletop equipment he has developed with Mikko Åström for the everyday gemologist. Useful outside of diamond screening, the method has applications for detecting other gems and their treatments.


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