Ronnie Vanderlinden

Ronnie Vanderlinden began his career in the diamond industry working as a diamond sawyer in 1977. Then in 1980 he broadened his training by joining a privately held international firm in New York…. Staying with them for nearly 10 years, assuming greater responsibilities. This hands on experience gave him the foundation he needed to ultimately open his own business, which he began in 1990.

Ronnie has become particularly well known for his knowledge of both rough and polished diamonds. He now finds himself traveling extensively in the US, the Far East, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe to purchase diamonds as well as consult with other key industry leaders.

He has become deeply involved in all aspects of the industry by maintaining a number of top positions in national and International organizations.

Ronnie is the President of Russian Classics inc., Diamex inc., Pintura Cultured Diamonds.

2014 Las Vegas Conference - May 29, 2014

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