Dr. Robert Linares

Founder of Apollo Diamonds, Dr. Robert C. Linares is a co-developer of CVD Technology. He now runs an independent consulting practice on diamond and semiconductor technology. He brings with him extensive and diverse experience in the field of crystal growth technologies. Dr. Linares holds a doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering, a master's in business administration, and the prestigious "Diploma of Gemmology" which he received from the Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain) in 1967.

He began his career at Bell Laboratories and at Perkin Elmer, where in each case he was responsible for the development of single-crystal substrates necessary for specific technologies, including some of the first high-powered ruby and YAG lasers. Later, as head of a development team at M/A-COM (now part of Tyco Electronics), his work focused on the development of single-crystal gallium arsenide (GaAs) as a viable semiconductor medium.

Dr. Linares subsequently founded Spectrum Technology, Inc., which designed and built a highly efficient manufacturing facility for single crystal gallium arsenide substrates. Within three years Spectrum became the number one manufacturer of GaAs wafers in the U.S. Following the sale of Spectrum, Dr. Linares began fundamental research into a number of advanced semiconductor materials, especially diamond, that would allow electronics and optics technology to move beyond the limitations of silicon based devices. He led a team which developed single crystal diamond manufacturing to the point where high quality CVD diamond gemstones were made available for sale.

2012 Las Vegas Conference - May 31, 2012

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