Alex Grizenko

Alex Grizenko, the CEO of Lucent Diamonds, has over thirty years professional experience in diversified businesses, but for the past fifteen years he has become a renowned expert on new diamond technologies. As Russia opened its doors to business with the rest of the world, Alex was one of the first to bring the gem treasures of Russia to the world market. The genesis of Lucent Diamonds started with his creation of Russian Colored Stone Company. This company presented the world with unique natural colored gemstones from Russia such as alexandrite, demantoid garnet, Russian diopside, bi-color topaz, spinel, scapolite and tourmaline.

Lucent Diamonds pioneers innovative diamond technologies, and is regarded as one of the market leaders in laboratory grown diamonds and treated natural diamonds. Alex has been a frequent lecturer on new diamond technologies and has been featured on PBS NOVA (The Diamond Deception), BBC Science and Nature Horizons (The Diamond Makers, The Diamond Labs) and Germany's ZDF Science (Laboratory Diamonds).

2012 Las Vegas Conference - May 31, 2012

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