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2008 Las Vegas AGA Conference was held Friday, May 30, 2008
at thePlatinum Hotel & Spa

Diamond Grading for Experienced Gemologists — Eye-Opening Insights & Tips on Techniques

How many times have you looked at a diamond grading report and responded with something like, "How is that possible? No way!"

Most gemologists have experienced the frustration of grading a diamond that has been or will be graded differently on a report from a major laboratory.

AGA logoWe learned the "why" and the "how" of what goes into the decision behind what goes onto a diamond grading report issued by labs such as GIA, AGS, and GCAL.  One of the world’s premier diamond graders—Dan Gillen, Laboratory Director, GCAL, New York — shared valuable personal insights and grading tips gleaned from their many years’ experience grading diamonds at major international laboratories.

We heard techniques never taught in any gemology course, and tips on how the major labs make critical decisions related to high-clarity/high-color and "split grade" stones. Armed with the knowledge gained at this conference, we’ll now be able to better anticipate the grade a diamond will receive from a major lab, and be more consistent in our own grading.

Yellow Gemstone

The diamond grading workshop was followed by a presentation of the AGA "Position Paper" on Color-Grading Fluorescent Diamonds and recommendations for important changes to procedures now used by diamond-grading laboratories. This followed information presented at the AGA Tucson conference and incorporates subsequent research by AGA members. Copies of the paper will be available at the conference.

The conference will be followed by a cocktail reception from the panoramic roof-top veranda of the Platinum Hotel where participants can connect with friends and colleagues and meet some of the industry's most respected gemologists and leaders.

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AGA Takes Position Urging Changes in Diamond Color-Grading Procedures Following Research Showing Grades for Fluorescent Diamonds May Mislead Consumers

Change May Be a Good Thing For The Trade - A Positive Perspective on AGA’s Position Paper Urging A Change In The Way Fluorescent Diamonds Are Color-Grade

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