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2014 AGA Platinum Sponsor

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Gemmological Association of Great Britain

AGA Membership

As a professional peer society, we believe in excellence and are dedicated to establishing the highest ethical and professional standards of practice. As a member, you gain peer recognition for active participation in educational programs and industry forums gaining the personal satisfaction of improving your skills while contributing to your profession.

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Continuing Education

We encourage you to enhance your experience and knowledge through taking classes. We recommend that you take ASA, GIA, AGS, ISA and NAJA workshops all through the year to accomplish this.

AGA strives to offer 2 educational conferences per year. One in Tucson during the Gem and Mineral Show at the beginning of each year and one in Las Vegas during JCK mid-year.

Meet the leaders. Enrich your knowledge of gemology and gem trade issues by exchanging information with a diverse range of professionals. We've met with gemstone treaters, crystal growers, enhancement detection specialists, designer gem cutters, the trade press, gem instrument developers, computer technology specialists, domestic and international traders and the FTC.

Certified Gem Lab

AGA Members can achieve certification by fulfilling the highest equipment standards and compliance with the AGA code of ethics. (Print the Gem Lab Certification application.)

AGA Designation Materials for Voting Members

Identify and promote your image as a dedicated, ethical and professional gemologist using the following items.

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GGTL Lab Report - A scam with international ramifications concentrating on colorless diamonds of high color grades

Update - Lead Glass Filled Rubies & Sapphires from Tucson - Feb. 2013
Discovered during Raymond Mason's 2012 trip to Thailand - Composite rubies and sapphires.

AGA's FTC report...

Tucson AGA Conference - Wednesday, 2/04/2015

Want to learn more about undisclosed gem treatments, new emerald fillers, value-added gemstone cutting, exotic collector gems, amazing historical gemological tidbits, or how to take amazing gem photographs? Get the details here...

Dr. Thomas Hainschwang to be awarded the Antonio C. Bonanno Award for 2015 (Press Release)

The Accredited Gemologists Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Hainschwang is the recipient of the 2015 Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology.

Dr. Hainschwang is director of GGTL Laboratories, located in the European Principality of Liechtenstein. He earned his PhD at Nante University under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, 2013 recipient of this prestigious award.


See what you missed at the Las Vegas Conference on LAB-GROWN DIAMONDS...

An Opportunity to Make a Difference & Increase the "Brilliance" of Future AGA Conferences

The Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) is offering an opportunity to bring some of the world's most respected scientists and extraordinary gemologists to one of the country's most respected gemological conferences — the Accredited Gemologists Association's Annual Conferences in Tucson and Vegas. One of the founding principles of the AGA has always been to provide opportunities to gain information pertaining to the latest research and their gemological implications, often long before it appears in gemological journals or elsewhere. But many scientific discoveries are made by experts — both inside and outside of the gem industry — who do not live within the United States and who do not normally attend the Tucson shows.

Read more and become an AGA Conference Patron...

AGA Seeking Sponsorships - Details

About the Accredited Gemologists Association

Established in 1974 by Antonio "Tony" Bonanno (as alumnae of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain), AGA was envisioned as a network for sharing gemological information and skills. Graduate gemologists of the Gemological Institute of America joined in 1975. The international Accredited Gemologists Association of today proudly counts among our members some of the worlds leading independent gemologists.

The AGA is an independent, international, nonprofit organization dedicated to...

Gemological Education & Research
Identification & Evaluation of Gem Materials
Development of Professional Standards of Analysis, Practice & Ethics

We are an organization of all beliefs and cultures and share a common bond of the love of gemstones. AGA believes in excellence and is dedicated to establishing the highest professional standards of practice.

The AGA Annual Board Meeting will be held in Tucson, the day before the AGA Conference. The AGA Annual Membership Meeting will be held in Tucson, the day of the AGA Conference. Both events are held in the same facility as the AGA Conference.

For more details about our organization, please view the following organizational documents. (.pdf files)

Voting Membership is available to anyone holding an acceptable credential fromm the Gemological Institute of America, Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Canadian Gemmological Association, or other school of gemology as approved by the Board of Directors. Non-voting memberships are available to others as either Associates, Students, or Affiliates.

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Officers & Board of Governors for 2014-2016

The Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) slate of officers and board members:

President: Stuart Robertson, GG
Vice President: Teri Brossmer, GG
Secretary: Raymond Mason, GG
Treasurer: Chris Jacobs, GG
Immediate Past President: Donna Hawrelko, FGA, FCGmA

Board of Governors

Jane Chaikowsky, GG
Heidi Harders
, GG
Ted Irwin
, GG
Craig Lynch, GG
Art Samuels, GG
Patti Schrag, GG

Committee Chairs

Educational Standards and Outside Association Relationship Committee: Donna Hawrelko, FGA, FCGmA
Conference Committee: Kathryn Bonanno Patrizzi, FGA, PG
Certified Gemological Laboratory Committee: Carole Richbourg, GG
Membership Committee: Christine York, GG
Bonanno Award Committee: Stuart Robertson, GG
Sponsorship Committee: Teri Brossmer, GG

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